We believe an animation of a product or service can make or break a sales pitch to an investor or the general public.

We create engaging, easy-to-understand animations and visualizations to help you secure funding of your products or services. Animations can add significant value to your sales tools, especially if your target audience has a non-technical background.

Investors receive hundreds or thousands of e-mails a day. Plain text and static imagery can't attract enough attention in a fast paced environment. Animations can be provided in an easy-to-playback format as a small attachment to any e-mail.

In addition, animations in time restricted presentations offer an exceptional way to stand out from your competitors. Your audience will pay more attention and will be more engaged with your brand and the services and/or products that you offer.

Our core capabilities include 2D and 3D animation for presentations, visualizations, and product releases. Our services are offered world-wide and on short notice.